Wine and Youthful Skin - What's the Connection?

A walk through the beautiful vineyards of Burgundy, France proves viticulture is king in Burgundy. Burgundy is proudly the birthplace of both pinot noir wine and chardonnay wine. Yet these vineyards yield a powerful byproduct of winemaking not very well known to the masses:  grape marc, the solids that separate from the liquid in the first stage of fermentation. Marc is loaded with antioxidants and polyphenols that offer many health benefits when ingested, but these benefits extend to our largest organ, the skin, by rejuvenating, protecting and strengthening when applied topically.

Though there are literally thousands of types of polyphenols, my research shows between 8,000 - 10,000, resveratrol is one of the most studied. Resveratrol garnered the global spotlight when a study called The French Paradox was published. This study revealed that though the French people consume significant amounts of fat, they experience a very low rate of heart disease. It seems the amount of red wine they drink promotes heart health. Key to the health benefits of wine consumption is resveratrol.

Today resveratrol is gaining more attention due to its rejuvenating abilities when applied topically to the skin.  As resveratrol is a small molecule, it has the ability to "dive deep" and support anti aging efforts within the skin layers, epidermis and dermis.  As noted by the Dermatology Times, resveratrol applied topically offers these healthy skin benefits:

* Supports lengthening of telomeres by reducing inflammation, oxidative stress and its phytoestrogen properties.

* Supports synthesis of collagen types I, II and III.

* Accelerates Vitamin C and E's effectiveness with the skin.

* Increases antioxidant production within the epidermis. 

Resveratrol is being studied much closer as an anti aging agent for skin, especially when applied topically.  Many current studies are proving its power to "turn back the clock."  Here's a link to a study that peaked my attention:

Raise a glass to radiant skin!