Autumn scented candle

Autumn scented candle

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Scented candle

Burgundy's grapes, fruit, almond and red berries create this relaxing scent.


Autumn is the time for harvest in Burgundy. The air is rich with the scent of ripe grapes, fall fruits and berries.     

Presented in an elegant, matte biscuit porcelain jar created in Limoges, France, the city that perfected this chic style of French porcelain. 

Embossed with the logo of Bourgogne Beauté, this candle adds elegance and creates a warm and cozy atmosphere to any room.


Scented candle.
Made with high-quality paraffin, pure and safe. Non-toxic for humans and the environment.
Each candle has also has a lead-free cotton wick, adapted and manually glued to the bottom of the glass. The size of the wick optimizes burning time.


Average burn time of 50 to 60 hours. For the fragrance to be properly diffused, do not let the candle burn for more than 2 consecutive hours. Cut and move the wick back to the center after each use. Use in well-ventilated areas.