Prodigue Sensation Body Cream
Prodigue Sensation Body Cream
Prodigue Sensation Body Cream
Prodigue Sensation Body Cream

Prodigue Sensation Body Cream

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This decadent cream contains three types of grape stem cells, merlot and cabernet sauvignon flower stem cells and rare Burgundy grape, Gamay Tienturier Fréaux, which offers UV protection.   


A decadent, sophisticated body cream harnessing the botanical power of grapes via their stem cells and potent extracts that offer rejuvenation and protection at the cellular level as well as a natural UV protection.


*Antioxidants and polyphenols of the pinot noir marc protects the skin from oxidative stress, reducing the signs of aging and protecting skin from future damage.

*Organic Pinot Noir Extract Vinésimes exclusive certified organic active botanical extract nour- ishes and protects, with over five times the antioxidant activity of pure green tea extract.

*Organic Polyphenol- and Antioxidant-rich Black Currant Buds oxygenate skin cells and help promote ATP synthesis by up to 60 percent.

*Powerful Synergy The synergy of these two potent active extracts (our A2OC formula***) fights glycation and rejuvenates skin cells by harnessing their antioxidant power.

*Grape Bud Stem Cells (Merlot and Cabernet Sauvignon) soothe and reduce inflammation while oxygenating and nourishing skin at the cellular level which boosts cellular energy production, including production of collagen and proteoglycans. Also boosts internal antioxidant production and balances skin pH, while enforcing skin’s protection barrier.

*Grape Stem Cells (Gamay Teinturier Fréaux) A rare Burgundy grape which has very high anthocyanin content, which is a powerful antioxidant, free radical scavenger and also acts as a natural “sunscreen” by absorbing UV radiation and protects skin and human epidermal stem cells from damaging radiation.

*Hyaluronic Acid A powerful humectant that hydrates and firms.

*Resveratrol, a particularly powerful polyphenol found in high levels in pinot noir grapes: supports telomeres by reducing inflammation and oxidative stress,
supports synthesis of collagen types 1, 11, 111
accelerates the effectiveness of Vitamin C and E in the epidermis
(Dermatology Times)

*Grape Seed Oil A non-comedogenic oil rich in antioxidants and linoleic acid. Hydrates and protects against free radical damage.

*Shea Butter and Coconut Oil hydrate and smooth skin.


The skin feels supple and silky-soft
  • Immediate moisture that lasts over 8 hours.

Immediately increased moisture levels: +33%* two hours after application.
Prolonged effectiveness, moisture levels increased by +21%* 8 hours after application.
* Evaluation via measurements with a Corneometer®; kinetic effect after 8 hours.


Apply all over the body after bath or shower. Begin applying the cream preferably to the body’s extremities to encourage the elimination of toxins. Pay special attention to particularly dry areas.
With its incomparably soft texture, the Prodigue Sensation body cream delivers an infinite feeling of well-being through increased moisture.