Our Brand

France sets global standards for luxury, winemaking and skin care.  Visionary, Edouard Damidot, saw a unique way to link these heritages by using cutting edge viticulture to forge break throughs in 21st century luxury skin care. 
Hiring three teams of botanical scientists, Edouard’s success in creating the revolutionary A2OC* fueled his momentum.
Then in 2018, the Le Clos body milk won the prestigious “Victoires de la Beauté” award in France, just as the anti aging line “Racine du Temps” was in demand globally.
The success of the Racine du Temps line is centered on the exclusive and revolutionary A2OC* that infuses skin with antioxidants, nutrition and hydration.  Also key to A2OC* effectiveness is the extraction process created exclusively for Vinésime.  This extraction process is the only one of its kind, yielding a higher concentration of antioxidant rich molecules than other extraction techniques.
Strenuously tested in renown laboratories, including the best cosmetics laboratory in France, and a 28 day in-vivo test revealed these results:  95 - 100% of participants saw an improvement in hydration, 77 - 90%  saw more uniform skin tone,  100% saw increase in fresh appearance.  Learn how each product scored on the “Results” tab for each product at Vinésime's online shop.
As Domaine Rene Bouvier’s wines are featured in Michelin starred restaurants around the world, Vinésime is also featured in luxury spas around the world.  Vinésime will continue to use centuries old French botanical knowledge to create new standards in 21st century luxury skin care. 
*AntiOxidant Original Complex