Our Story

From Inspiration to Award-Winning

"Plants create their own defense systems and replace damaged cells quickly...And so I wondered 'How can we mimic this behavior in skin care.'" 

-Edouard Damidot, founder Vinésime 

The answer to this question inspired Edouard to create a skincare line that harnesses that botanical power. He hails from a long line of Burgundy blackcurrant farmers and has always been driven by things organic and plant based.
Edouard’s research pointed to the intense concentrations of polyphenols and resveratrol found in pinot noir grapes. He then engaged top French biochemist, Dr. Allan Lançon, a specialist in polyphenols and resveratrol, who successfully combined the antioxidant power of pinot noir marc with the oxygen-infusing power of blackcurrant.
The result was Antioxidant and Cellular Oxygenating Complex - A2OC for short – which is key to the powerful benefits of Vinésime’s skin care products 

  "Victoires de la Beauté Winner"

In 2018, the Le Clos body milk won the prestigious “Victoires de la Beauté” award in France, just as the “Racine du Temps” anti-aging line was in demand globally.
As Domaine Rene Bouvier’s wines are featured in Michelin starred restaurants around the world, Vinésime is also featured in luxury spas around the world. 

The Founders

Edouard Damidot

A Passionate Visionary

Edouard's heritage centers on the Burgundy blackcurrant. In 1895, his ancestors became notable Cassis makers in Dijon. Now, Edouard brings this love and knowledge of Burgundy’s terroir into skin care by creating an exclusive botanical formula rich in polyphenols and resveratrol that keeps skin youthful and radiant.

Bernard Bouvier

A Devoted Organic Winemaker

Bernard’s prized plots of land in Gevrey-Chambertin produce exceptional vintages, earning Domaine Rene Bouvier a place on the wine lists of Michelin starred restaurants around the world. Bernard provides Vinésime with organic grape marc as the basis of Vinésime’s exclusive A2OC complex.