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"The Clos de Beauté"

Welcome to a world of the seasons and vintages forged by the unique Climates of Burgundy. A world in which each product treats your senses to a unique experience, capitalizing on the best that has unique terroir and producing estate to offer, a world where the journey of the senses comes into it's own.


Great Vintage Experience - Scrub, Sculpting Massage, Wrap

Transform yourself to the heart of the vineyards, the ultimate journey to the most beautiful Climates dedicated to your beauty and well being. A luxurious break that reveals all the secrets of the vine. The  Grand Cru scrub refines the complexion, a stimulating then relaxing sculpting massage revives the body, and an anti-aging wrap to enhance the youthfulness and radiance of the skin.

Relaxing Enchanting Care (Delightful relaxing treatment) - Massage

An intense, multi-sensory sculpting massage to harmonize the body and please the senses. A genuine scented journey engulfing you in the roundness of divinely addictive red fruits. A blend of grape extracts and blackcurrant oil that leaves your skin completely moisturized, soft and silky.

Grand Cru Stimulating Break (Grand Cru Stimulating Break) - Scrub

Discover our prestigious body scrub made from the exceptional "Richebourg Grand Cru" Climate, which frees your skin from impurities, following a moisturizing veil with Prodigal Sensation balm.

Anti-Aging & Well-Being Escape - Sculpting Massage, Wrap

A sculpting massage combining deep body and mind with the soft notes of sensual voluptuous oil. The treatment concludes with an anti-aging grape body wrap offering your skin all the mineral and antioxidant properties of grapes. An integral treatment to recover youth and vitality.

Grand Cru energizing stroll - Scrub, Sculpting massage

Inspired by the prestigious "Richebourg Grand Cru" vineyards, the grape flesh and grape seed scrub frees the skin of all toxins and impurities. An invigorating, stimulating body scrub with an unusual texture that delights all skin types, followed by a relaxing and embracing sculpting massage, the tension will evaporate, leaving your skin feeling fine, light and soft.

Divine getaway to the vineyards - Combination of manual skill and parcels

Inspired by the Thai "Siam ball" treatment, this unique treatment blends manual techniques and delicate or deep strokes using warm marc and grape seed parcels. An escape to the Burgundy countryside that relaxes mind and body.


Vital Vine Strength - Scrub, Massage, Mask

A comprehensive treatment with proven efficacy for an unparalleled radiance leaving skin smoother and firmer. Vinesime's  exclusive A2OC * with oxygenating and antioxidant properties boosts the skin's energy and reinforces its defenses. * Anti-oxidant Original Complex

Vin'Hydra Intense - Hydrating treatment

A sensory getaway offering relaxation and maneuvers combining accu pressure and deep smoothing techniques. Vesicle mask helps to improve and maintain hydration. The features of the face are rested, the radiant complexion.

Beauty interlude - Scrub, Massage

In keeping with Vinesime's luxury standards, we have developed our own massage techniques that maximize the benefits of our products. Your visit to a Vinesime Ambassador Spa provides an  invigorating, stimulating treatment that completely revives your skin, leaving the complexion fresh, glowing and radiating fresh beauty.