Vinésime Luxury Protocols

Pour client a glass of wine and transform them to the vineyards of Burgundy. Vinésime products share Burgundy's famous terroir including the rich range of polyphenols and resveratrol that rejuvenate skin through topical application.        

Our education team is available for training on Vinésime products and the advanced science behind the brand. We also offer on going courses on polyphenols, resveratrol and antioxidants and their rejuvenating benefits for the skin.  


Richebourg Grand Cru Luxury Body Treatment - Scrub, Wrap, Massage

Invite clients to experience the prestigious "Richebourg Grand Cru" organic vineyards. Treatment begins with our dual phase Grand Cru Body Scrub which boosts cellular renewal while preparing skin to absorb nutrients. Next, our Revitalizing Body Wrap harnesses the power of micronized grape skins to remineralize and deeply moisturize the skin. Our Massage Balm creates a soothing finish to the treatment, formulated with powerful blackcurrant seed oil and grape leaf extract. Flavonoids, polyphenols and omega-3s rejuvenate the skin through our unique massage choreography. 

Organic Pinot Noir Marc Compress Massage - Full Body Massage  

Inspired by a centuries old treatment for Thai royalty, Vinésime uses 100% organic pinot noir marc in the compress and steams them in our opulent pinot noir massage oil. Steam releases the active ingredients of both products creating a therapeutic massage and rejuvenating skin treatment. The heat transfer promotes intense relaxation and helps skin to absorb the grapes' natural anti-aging power while massage choreography restores balance. Grape extracts and blackcurrant oil leave skin completely moisturized, soft and silky.

Le Chateau Body Scrub and Hydration Treatment - Scrub and Massage 

Discover our prestigious body scrub made from the exceptional "Richebourg Grand Cru" Climat, which frees your skin from impurities, following a moisturizing veil from our Grape and Blackcurrant Massage Balm.


Force de la Vie Luxury Facial - Exfoliant, Dual Mask, Massage

This luxurious, intensive facial thoroughly rejuvenates skin through our exclusive cocktail of antioxidants and Vitamin C. Our dual mask application increases moisture retention, boosts collagen synthesis and ATP levels, encouraging cellular repair and elasticity. 

Pinot Noir Intensive Hydration Facail - Hydrating treatment

An intensely hydrating treatment, enhancing skin radiance and suppleness by stimulating cellular turnover and metabolism.  Our unique choreography of acupressure movements stimulates facial meridians and balances energy flow within the skin to maximize rejuvenation effects of our high antioxidant products.  


Grand Cru Luxury Mani/Pedi with Upgrade Options

This luxury mani/pedi is a sample of the Richebourg Grand Cru Body Treatment offering Richebourg Grand Cru Scrub, Revitalizing Body Wrap with finish of massage with our Grape and Blackcurrant Massage Balm. Our Radiance Oil (Pinot Noir Massage Oil) also serves as excellent cuticle moisturizing treatment. 

Le Chateau Mani/Pedi with Upgrade Options

This pampering treatment is a sample of our Le Chateau Body Treatment and offers our Richebourg Grand Cru Scrub followed with a soothing massage with our Grape and Blackcurrant Massage Balm. Our Radiance Oil (Pinot Noir Massage Oil) serves as an excellent cuticle moisturizing treatment.