Pinot Noir Grand Cru Body Scrub

Pinot Noir Grand Cru Body Scrub

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Grape seeds and raffles from Domaine Mongeard-Mugneret’s prestigious Climat "Richebourg Grand Cru" create the base exfoliant for this exceptional scrub.

An oil-based gel, it transforms into a lotion consistency when water is added. Leaves skin amazing smooth and soft.  Exfoliates deeply, leaving skin soft and silky.



Grape marc, seeds and raffle powder from the prestigious "Richebourg Grand Cru."

Vinésime's exclusive A2OC formula of pinot noir marc extract + organic blackcurrant extract

Low molecular weight hyaluronic acid

Grape seed oil 


No Parabens, No Phenoxyethanols, No Animal Derivatives and Cruelty Free.


Apply to dry skin for the best results.

Mix exfoliant with water and gel transforms into a lotion texture.

Rinses easily.